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Parlance /'pa:l(Ə)ns/

noun [mass noun] a particular way of speaking or using words, especially a way common to those with a particular job or interest: dated terms that were once in common parlance | medical parlance.

origin late 16th cent. (denoting speech or debate): from Old French, from parler 'speak', from Latin parabola 'comparison' (in late Latin 'speech').

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Conqueror - Conn Iggulden This is a wonderful conclusion to the series. Once I was into the last one hundred pages, I just had to keep reading until I had finished at 2.30 am this morning.

As Conn Iggulden says in his historical notes at the end of the book, there is still so much that he could have continued to write about the Mongolian empire. Sorhatani, mother of the four grandsons of Genghis: Mongke, Kublai, Hulegu and Arik-Boke, deserves a book of her own. However, I think that Conn is correct in deciding to leave the story at the point that he does.

In this book, three of the four sons of Sorhatani, and Tolui, become Gur-khan (the Great Khan), following the early demise of their cousin Guyuk. As the author points out, this is a work of fiction, and the exact nature of any of the deaths and battles are made up around known historical fact. This is waht makes Conn Iggulden such a great writer of historical fiction. He brings it to life. He adds excitement to the (possibly) dry historical reference. This is why I love the genre so much.

Although it is possible to read any one of the five books in this series as a stand-alone volume, I would advise against it. One can only wonder at the rise of an empire that, at its peak, extends far further than either the Roman or Alexandran empires, from the tiniest of beginnings in the first episode. Terujin, as a small boy, is purssued into the wilderness. He grows to become Genghis, uniting the Mongolian nation and conquering most of the known world from western Europe to Eastern China.

The Conqueror series is a marathon read, and I have read them as they hit the book shops. I am glad that I did. This is tremendous series, and Conn Iggulden and his supporters have done a fantastic job.

I thoroughly recommend the whole series starting from the first volume and ending in the early hours of one morning sometime in your future. You will not be disappointed!