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Par Lance

Par Lance is where I come to talk with my friends, mainly to discuss books. 

Par can mean at face value,and Lance is just me.


From the Oxford English Dictionary:

Parlance /'pa:l(Ə)ns/

noun [mass noun] a particular way of speaking or using words, especially a way common to those with a particular job or interest: dated terms that were once in common parlance | medical parlance.

origin late 16th cent. (denoting speech or debate): from Old French, from parler 'speak', from Latin parabola 'comparison' (in late Latin 'speech').

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The Stonor Eagles
Secret of Crickley Hall - James Herbert Too long!

When I was a teenager, a feature film was 90-100 minutes long and an epic novel was about 300-400 pages long. Crickley Hall is a really great story and has the right level of spookiness and tension. The end of each chapter contains a snippet that wants you to read on and find out what happens next. Reading this book during the torrential rain and floods that were suffered by most of Britain in the Summer of 2007, made the story even more poignant. However, this book is at least 200 pages too long. Herbert could easily have reached the same conclusions in about 350 pages (actual length is 633 pages) and it would have been an excellent book. As it is, you will need serious stamina or a lot of time on your hands to embark on this read.