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Par Lance is where I come to talk with my friends, mainly to discuss books. 

Par can mean at face value,and Lance is just me.


From the Oxford English Dictionary:

Parlance /'pa:l(Ə)ns/

noun [mass noun] a particular way of speaking or using words, especially a way common to those with a particular job or interest: dated terms that were once in common parlance | medical parlance.

origin late 16th cent. (denoting speech or debate): from Old French, from parler 'speak', from Latin parabola 'comparison' (in late Latin 'speech').

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The Stonor Eagles
Someone Like Me - Tom Holt Someone Like Me by Tom Holt is a bloodthirsty, gripping thriller, which is set in the future but in a world that has regressed into almost primitive times. There is no electricity or transport system. The human race lives in fear of a race of aggressive beasts that hunt people for their flesh.

The hero, who is a hired hunter of the beasts, narrates the story in the first person. The quest of the hero and his colleagues is to eliminate all of the beasts before they can totally eliminate mankind.
The opening scene places the hero in the midst of recently inflicted carnage resulting from an attack by two of the beasts. It is not long before he finds himself trapped in dark underground tunnels with one of them. It is literally a case of kill or be killed.

The story moves at a very fast pace but the style may not be to the liking of all readers. Certainly, I would not recommend this book to anyone who faints at the first sight of blood, even if it is only in print. However, the twists at the end of the tale are worth waiting for and leave the reader deep in thought. The book took me less than ninety minutes to read, and is about the right length. Any more, and I would have begun to feel bored. Any less, and I would have felt slightly cheated.

I can't honestly say whether I would recommend it to a friend or not. That would depend on what I knew about the friend!