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Par Lance is where I come to talk with my friends, mainly to discuss books. 

Par can mean at face value,and Lance is just me.


From the Oxford English Dictionary:

Parlance /'pa:l(Ə)ns/

noun [mass noun] a particular way of speaking or using words, especially a way common to those with a particular job or interest: dated terms that were once in common parlance | medical parlance.

origin late 16th cent. (denoting speech or debate): from Old French, from parler 'speak', from Latin parabola 'comparison' (in late Latin 'speech').

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The Price Of Love - Peter Robinson A great little collection!

I really enjoyed this collection of ten short stories and a novella.

All of the stories have their very different twists and turns, and there is a good variety of unexpected endings. Some of the stories are fillers in the life of Alan Banks, the fictional detective for whome Peter Robinson is most renowned. The settings are mainly Toronto and Yorkshire: places where the author has lived.

I particularly enjoyed "The Magic of your Touch" for its light supernatural element, and "Shadow on the Water," as there is a reflection of my own life in this one, and an example of how childhood events can affect adult behaviours.

My favourite of all of these stories is the title story, "The Price of Love." This brings out the deep feelings of a young lad whose father, a policeman, is murdered in the line of duty. The subsequent actions of the adults who surround his private and personal world are made in total ignorance of the effects that they are having on poor Tom's life.

I shan't say any more about any of the stories for fear of spoiling them for you.

Finally, and this is just the nicest touch imaginable for me, the author rounds of the book with his own short explanations of each of the stories. His personal thoughts and motivations for each of them, and insights into how they came about. These explanations just add an extra spark.

This book is well worth my five star rating.