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Par Lance is where I come to talk with my friends, mainly to discuss books. 

Par can mean at face value,and Lance is just me.


From the Oxford English Dictionary:

Parlance /'pa:l(Ə)ns/

noun [mass noun] a particular way of speaking or using words, especially a way common to those with a particular job or interest: dated terms that were once in common parlance | medical parlance.

origin late 16th cent. (denoting speech or debate): from Old French, from parler 'speak', from Latin parabola 'comparison' (in late Latin 'speech').

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Before I Go to Sleep - S.J.  Watson This is a good psychological thriller with several twists along the way, some guessable, some not. I kept guessing art how it would end, and I was wrong! That's the sign of a good story.

The basis is described in the blurb. Chrissy can remember all that happens during her waking hours, but her memory is wiped clean as soon as she goes to sleep. She starts writing a secret journal which she can read to refresh her "memory" of the previous days' events.

She also has a huge problem in working out who she can trust.

I became irritated by the author's favourite cliche: variations on "It seemed like minutes, but it could have been hours. There were quite a few typos that the proof reader missed too.

Those minor gripes apart, I thought that thus was a thoroughly good story, which was well told, and certainly kept my attention for a couple if days.